Thursday, September 9, 2010

Picture Thursday

OK, not quite wordless wednesday, but its close cousin. ;)

Here are some pictures from our Labor Day weekend California getaway. Of course, it included a trip to beach. Unfortunately it also included SchmoopyBoy coming down with a cold.

Cousins - Hey SchmoopyBoy, what's with the face?!

With Mommy - what the heck am I doing exposing my pasty skin to the beach world?

While Auntie Shu-Shie is trying to take a picture

Busy with sand

Our last day, a sick SchmoopyBoy with Grandma, Mom, and Auntie LaLa

1 comment:

  1. Cute pictures! We always seem to get sick when we travel, sigh. I hope he's feeling better! And I'm so glad you're with me on being unabashedly pasty on the beach. We were just in Cape Cod, and let's just say I stood out. I'm like a blinding light reflecting the sun! :)