Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The fluff you were probably hoping to see on M-Day

Mothers Day cards I helped SchmoopyBoy make for his grandmothers. He picked out the colors of the construction paper, tissue paper and pipe cleaners. I helped with the cutting and folding. He selected glitter glue to stick the butterflies on the cards and the stickers. He went to town on the stickers. I wrote "Grandma" and "Oma" (grandma in German) on the cards using the glitter glue stick of his choice.

He really enjoyed making the butterflies and wanted to make more last night. He was feeling a little more confident with the scissors so he cut out a few "squares".

Glitter glue is another big hit. In addition to decorating his new butterflies with glitter glue he's been decorating construction paper with glitter glue a couple times a day for the past couple of days.

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