Saturday, June 18, 2011

Three Open Letters - One of them is to YOU!

Dear Ankles,

Farewell. I hope to see you again before September. If not, have a great summer resting under that layer of poof. I’ll miss you and look forward to seeing you again this fall.



Dear Monsters,

It was bad enough when you first started visiting my son’s room at bedtime. Now, however, you are plaguing him all night and all day. At first you were willing to read his sign and stay out of his room. I appreciated your cooperation at that time. Now it appears that you are unwilling to negotiate, and you threaten him with your presence anywhere upstairs, as well as going so far as to haunt his dreams and following him to school. Surely you must understand that the current situation is unsustainable and unacceptable. I simply cannot allow you to continue to terrorize my child in this manner. Please vacate the premises. If we cannot come to an agreement on your departure, I will have no choice but to take evasive measures.

Thank you for cooperation in this urgent matter,


Dear Readers,

I am currently soliciting suggestions on how to exorcize monsters from my household. Please leave any and all suggestions in the comments. Help!



  1. I am so surprised that your sign didn't work! I loved that sign! I read once that moms would use room spray (glade or whatever) and make a new label that read Monsters B Gone. Then spray his room with it. If they are following him to school maybe you could find some not flowery body spray and make a Monster B Gone for daytime use. Then if he thinks there might be a monster he can smell his arm (or wherever you choose to spray it) and remember that the monsters can't get him because he has his monster spray on.
    I hope you can get those monsters to hit the road!

  2. I would suggest hanging something along the lines of a dreamcatcher or other mobile that can be used to ward off monsters. Create a grand story around it and make a big production of hanging it up before sleep. Take it down during waking hours to make it more powerful (it needs its rest too!) The other option would be to hang a fairy or gnome or something along those lines instead of a dream catcher or mobile. Your know your child best. Some children need a physical body (like a fairy) to feel secure and others are fine with something more abstract like a mobile or dream catcher. Good luck on this journey! Monsters are tough!

  3. Thanks for the suggestions Ladies! I like both your ideas! We'll see what works for him.