Monday, October 19, 2009

I'm back on the interwebz!

So I was invited to view a buddy's private blog, which required me to create a Google account, which is basically the same as a blogger account, and I thought to myself what a perfect opportunity this is to start blogging again! There have been SOOO many times that something happened and I thought to myself, "Gee if I still blogged I would totally write about this". I'm excited about this account because this way I can post from anywhere, anytime - I'm not stuck to only posting at home on John's computer when he's not on it the way I was with the pregnancy blog. Way more convenient. Just please don't expect me to write every day, and don't expect more than a few rambling sentences when I do write - I still don't have much time for indulgences like blathering to the world about my insanity. Although I promise this blog won't be nearly as whiny as the pregnancy blog. Seriously, I was reading through that blog not too long ago and I was like OMG could I be any more whiny and complainy and annoying?! Bleh. (Not that being pregnant didn't suck @$$, cuz' it totally did, but my incessant complaining makes me want to roll my eyes and hurl)

I still have to figure out how everything works here - things like posting pictures, making the blog pretty, yada yada, so thank you for putting up with my totally low-tech look and feel for a while (or forever ;)

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