Tuesday, December 29, 2009

And the winner for most annoying toy ever goes to...

Elmo Tickle Hands

Why, oh why, Dear Gawd, did anyone think this would be a good idea? Nonstop maniacal Elmo laughter or Elmo and Cookie Monster doing gangsta rap. Seriously. I mean, seriously?

Much to my dismay, SchmoopyBaby LOVES this toy. It is his favorite Christmas present. One thing I'll say for my sister-in-law - she knows what toys little boys like. The wooden blocks I bought for him and the Lego Duplo set my cousin gave him sit untouched while I am tormented by the sounds of Elmo's diabolical laughter and "Yeaahhh, Boy".

I may have to accidentally "lose" the tickle hands, lest I lose my mind.

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