Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dear Universe: WTF?!

Is it just me, or does it feel like the universe is squatting over the planet, pulling apart enormous celestial butt cheeks, and taking a cosmic dump on us? I mean, seriously, 2010 has pretty much sucked @$$ since it started and it’s barely ¼ over! WTF?!

Let’s take an inventory, shall we? And lets count in 3s because sh!t always happens in 3s, right?

In the past 3 months, there have been 3 major earthquakes - one in Haiti, one in Chile, and one in Mexico.

In the past 3 months I have had 3 major losses - one child due to miscarriage, my father, and now my grandmother.

We have sold our house, and have made offers on 3 houses - one we realized was too expensive and we pulled out fairly quickly, one we were out-bid, and this last time (which absolutely kills me because this was THE house) the listing agent screwed up and, despite the fact that we had the first offer in, the seller likely never even saw our offer and accepted another offer the following day. So now we have about two weeks to move out and we currently have no place to go. Stress, anyone?

Tomorrow I am flying in to California for my grandmother's funeral, and I'm leaving John with Schmoopybaby at night for the first time ever. John is in no condition to deal with any of this on his own.

I cannot wait for 2010 to end. Better yet, can we please go back in time to January 1 and just start over from scratch? I need a do over.

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  1. Shana,

    I know that my own troubles this year have not equalled to the losses you have experienced...however, it does seem like someone has been sick at my place non-stop since Christmas day. I am sorry about the loss of your grandmother.

    Love you,