Sunday, May 16, 2010

SchmoopyBoy Denied

Poor SchmoopyBoy totally got denied this morning.

Went to kiddie-hair cut place, it was closed for the next hour. So I did my other errand first - Trader Joes, where SchmoopyBoy delights in getting free samples of juice. Well, today they had iced tea. Caffinated iced tea.

Caffinated iced tea + not quite 2 year old = Bad Idea

So SchmoopyBoy did not get a free sample of iced tea. He was not impressed and kept pointing and repeating "JUICE. JUICE. JUICE. JUICE."

I tried explaining that "they don't have juice today, and I understand you are very disappointed" but he just kept repeating "JUICE. JUICE."

I considered going straight back to hair cut place and chance my groceries, but it was already over 80 degrees - hotter in the car - so I rushed home to put the parishables away, hoping to make it back to the hair cut place by 11:00 sharp, because I had to get him home no later than 11:40am in order to make it to work by 12:30pm. I got there at 11:05. There were already 5 kids ahead of us. I thought, well maybe they'll be quick and we can make it, but by 11:20 the line had not budged, so I took SchmoopyBoy home with his shaggy hair.

Almost 2 hours of shleping back and forth around town to get no juice and no haircut. sigh.

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