Sunday, July 18, 2010

"Baa Baa Poop Poop"

SchmoopyBoy is potty training his little animal toys.

He'll say "Baa Baa Poop Poop" and take his little sheep and hold it over the potty seat for a minute. Then he might even wipe the sheep with a square of toilet paper, deposit it into the bowl, and flush.

Then it's the horse's turn - "Neigh Neigh Poop Poop"

and then the cow's turn - "Moo Moo Poop Poop".

It's actually quite cute (although I try to get him to wait to flush the toilet until all the animals have gone poop so we aren't wasting so much water).

We have yet to see SchmoopyBoy poop in the potty, but I imagine that's coming too.

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