Wednesday, October 13, 2010

How to keep a toddler in one place long enough for a breathing treatment

Alternate between short stroller rides around the couch as far as the tube will allow, and take goofy portraits with your bad quality phone camera, showing said toddler each picture you take.

Seeing him with a nebulizer is actually really disturbing for me. It reminds me entirely too much of my father's last few months.

These pictures were taken late last week. He is doing much better now. Nasty cough is almost completely gone. Plus he got a cute haircut on Monday - bonus.

Edit 10/14 - I originally loaded a what I thought was a silly self portrait, but my husband told me it looked more creepy than funny, so I deleted it.

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  1. Daelan had the same thing! He got a nebulizer and everything!! He would sit still for Rick. For me, he would bounce around and pull on the elastic. Skyler liked to help hold the mask and that was kind of cute!

    Glad he is doing better!!!