Friday, January 14, 2011

Bad Poetry Friday - A Haiku (or 7) about Sleep

SchmoopyBoy and Sleep:

Why do you fight sleep?
Don't you know how great sleep is?
You'll miss it one day.

When you skip your nap
Your behavior becomes…. hmmm...
and we all are sad.

SchmoopyBoy at rest
My sweet angel, so serene
wakes up cranky. Why?

Dozing in my arms,
Baby and I are like one.
My heart is so full.

Me and Sleep:

Oh, Insomnia!
Why are you trying so hard
to make my nights suck?

Ah! How I love Sleep,
so dreamy yet elusive.
One day, you’ll be mine.

Coffee – so yummy!
Although you’re second to Sleep,
I’ll get through the day.

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