Friday, April 22, 2011

We joined a CSA and it is awesome

Last week was the first week of our participation with a local CSA. For anyone who doesn't know, CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. Basically, you sign up with a local farm, and for a specified amount of money or hours of work at the farm you get a huge basket of fresh, seasonal, locally grown produce. It's a great way to support local family farms and get a variety of fresh foods for your family. You can read more about what a CSA is here.

Last Saturday the JMan drove an hour to the farm and spent 4 hours pulling weeds from a garlic field (no chemical herbicides!) and he brought back a humongous bag full of veggies. In this bag we got:

spinach (large bag)
mixed salad greens (large bag)
kale (1 bunch)
beets (tons)
beet greens (OMG so much!)
broccoli (small bag of florets plus a head complete with the large leaves)
carrots (1 bunch)
radishes (1 bunch)

In other words - more leafy greens than 2 adults and a toddler can possibly eat in a week! We've been eating salad plus sautéed or otherwise cooked veggies every day this week, which is just what my pregnant self needs to stay healthy and grow a baby. So, Yay for green leafy veggies! Added bonus, I've never had beet greens and the large leaves that grow around a head of broccoli before, so my horizons are getting expanded in the process too.

Last night when I got home from work, JMan and SchmoopyBoy had just left to meet my mother-in-law and nephews at the local park. I made a quick stir fry from beet greens, broccoli leaves, broccoli florets, and added some non-csa white beans and tomatoes. I packed it into a container, added a container of non-csa watermelon and a box of crackers, and met them at the park for a lovely picnic.

I'm very excited about the CSA and can't wait to see what else we'll be getting in our bags! So far, I think it's pretty awesome.

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