Friday, April 1, 2011

SchmoopyBoy is finally going to be a big brother!

Nope, this is not an April Fools joke. I am, in fact, 14 weeks pregnant.

There have been so many times I was just about to post, and then I would chicken out. I'll just wait until my next 2 week appointment... I'll just wait until my 11 week ultrasound that tests for down syndrome... well, maybe I'll just wait one more week until I pass the 12 week mark so I don't jinx myself...

The telling is so easy. The untelling is so very hard.

So, I've put off posting about pregnancy, I've put off other posts I wanted to write because they referred to my pregnancy. Finally though, here is my official coming out party post. I'm excited. I'm hopeful. And, largely, I'm terrified. Par for the course, huh?

So what made this 3rd time the charm? Truthfully, I have no idea. Luck, perhaps? There are a few things I did differently this time around.

1. As I mentioned in a previous post several months ago, I got rolfed. My uterus and other internal organs have no structural excuses for not being able to hold a baby.

2. My doctor put me on progesterone supplements. From what the nurse told me, my progesterone numbers were "ok" but given my history of losses the doctor went ahead and prescribed the supplement to be safe.

3. Jedi mind tricks. I bet you didn't know I am a Jedi master in training. I still can't call miscellaneous objects to my hands from across the room (darn it that one's hard!) but apparently I can wave my hand over my belly and say "You shall live. You shall thrive. You shall be born healthy full term." I have yet to see if all that works. So far I'm pretty hopeful.


  1. Congratulations! I can understand your hesitance, even if I can't specifically relate with your history.

    I had a threatened miscarriage with Sasha and was put on progesterone suppositories for the remainder of my first trimester. You mention progesterone supplements. Are they oral or suppository? (If you don't mind my asking.) I didn't like doing the suppositories, but the benefit was totally worth it! I'm just wondering if there is an oral option for my next pregnancy. (Doc said he'd call in more as soon as I get a +.

  2. The pills my dr prescribed could be taken either orally or as a suppository in the case of nausea. Fortunately I was able to take them orally the entire trimester. One thing to note - I asked my dr and apparently there is no generic available, only brand name. It was quite pricey. My insurance covers 50% of brand name drugs and I still paid over $100 per 30 day supply. Ouch!

    Good luck! Hope you get some good news soon!

  3. YEAH! We are so happy for you guys...congratulations! Looks like you're going to be like my sister-in-law and I with the "third time's a charm" baby. We both miscarried twice and then had wonderful pregnancies with our third. The miscarriages were horrible, but I wouldn't trade my little Caitlin for anything in the whole wide world. If a good thing can come out of heartbreak, then that girl is IT! Welcome to the crazy world of having two kids! I sure hope we get to see you guys soon.