Wednesday, July 13, 2011

3 things I learned in California this week

1. When going to the beach with pasty white skin, it is critically important to be mindful about putting sunscreen EVERYWHERE. Otherwise one could end up with lobster red feet and ankles… as well as an assortment of random burned stripes… ehem.

2. After acquiring said sunburn, there are not many options for bathing oneself comfortably. Water too hot, scream-inducing pain on the burnt areas. Water too cold, scream-inducing when the cold water hits your back. Cleaning oneself becomes a scream-inducing, no-win situation.

3. The home remedy I had never heard of for soothing sunburn – applying a wet black tea bag – works! Apparently it’s the tannin in the tea that takes the edge off the burn. Yay for my mom who told me about this home remedy!

Sheesh, you'd think I never went to the beach before. Eight years away from the coast and it's like I never lived anywhere near sunlight!

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