Friday, July 22, 2011

Interesting Kabbalistic Thoughts on Children and Parents

This came in the Daily Kabbalah Tune Up for this last Wednesday, July 20:

Children choose their parents prior to conception. When a soul is in the Upper World, it chooses parents who will be able to provide it with the spiritual and physical DNA necessary for the child to achieve the personal transformation for which it comes into this life.

Both the child and its parents create for each other the opportunity to grow, evolve, and transform.

These opportunities are especially obvious during parent-child conflicts.

Interesting idea, although it brings a lot of unsettling questions into my mind. Particularly with respect to (1) situations in which abuse or neglect is involved, and (2) infertility.

With respect to abuse/neglect, I have such a hard time believing that souls choose to suffer in their lifetimes on this earth. What about infanticide? What about the many children that are abused, literally to death? When a soul is taken from this life too young to "achieve the personal transformation for which it comes into this life" how can the soul have chosen such a fruitless path to transformation?

With respect to infertility, Does this include foster or adoptive parents, or is it limited to biological parents? What about parents who have children through donor gametes or sperm, or use a gestational surrogate? This really brings up the question in my mind of what/who is a parent in the 'eyes' of a soul, so to speak.

It's been something like 4 years since I've been to the local Kabbalah Center, but I would be interested in discussing this with someone more advanced in Kabbalistic knowledge and theory than myself. What do you think of this theory?


  1. This is a fascinating thought, and I have wondered about it before, too. Do we, as souls, CHOOSE the situation in which we incarnate, in order to have experiences -- "good" or "bad"? It makes sense that we would do so only if you also believe that we are all part of something eternal and unified.

    I wrote about this once:

    I've always wanted to know more about the Kabbalah. Would you share your tune-up link?

  2. It is an interesting concept. Kind of along the lines of God having a plan for all of us, where you have to ask, why would God plan for so much suffering?

    I've actually heard before of the idea that as souls we choose our parents and our families. And in the context of my IF (especially since my IF is currently unexplained), I've wondered, if that's true, is the soul of my baby just waiting for some reason that I can't understand? Likewise, if God has plan's for us all, is there just some unknowable reason why a baby hasn't been part of my plan yet?

    I think these questions are ultimately unanswerable, but sometimes it can be comforting to believe that one way or another things happen for the best.

  3. @Lavender Luz - There is now a blog through the Kabbalah Center with teh Daily Tune Ups (I think that is relatively new, it didn't exist back when I originally subscribed) Here's the link:

    @lesterresfertiles - I have had similar questions regarding my losses. Did the souls of my babies think they made a mistake choosing me and then left before they were born? Did those babies die because there was no soul; was the soul inhabiting the baby I am currently pregnant with "not ready", so to speak, to initiate a life in which he and I help one another evolve and transform, until now? Unanswerable questions for sure.