Monday, February 6, 2012

Gratitude Post - 2/6/2012

I’m in kind of a bad head space at the moment, so I need to remind myself of the many things I have to be grateful for. Here are this week’s top 5 things for which I am grateful:

1. Baby smiles and giggles – no explanation needed, I think.

2. Food blogs – I get so many fantastic recipes from food blogs. Whenever I need a new idea for dinner or baking all I need to do is search online.

3. Cardboard moving boxes that we never threw out – Sometimes holding on to clutter is a good thing. These are simply the best toys for imaginative play. Currently there are two boxes in my bedroom that make up SchmoopyBoy’s dinosaur train. Hours and hours of entertainment.

4. Non-toxic nail polish – SchmoopyBoy has been into my nail polish for quite some time. I found some non-toxic nail polish marketed for children that don’t have a lot of the icky chemicals and doesn’t stink horrendously and bought some as a holiday gift back in December. One of the few gifts that still gets his attention, and I am much more comfortable with him using these.

5. My Maya Wrap ring sling – My favorite of my three ring slings, this ensures that I can go anywhere and Lil’ Schmoo can get a decent nap.


  1. I just love my carriers, period. :) Right now Ailia is snuggled up in a Baby K'tan, snoozing away while I work.
    p.s. I'm sorry your babe was sick so often at the beginning - that is *exactly* what we are dealing with! We just keep passing this awful around between me and the two littles. It is so sad to see newborns struggling to breathe while they nurse/sleep/etc. :(

  2. Great list!! We just found another non-toxic nail polish too. I guess more company's are trying it. There's one I jsut saw that looks best... piggie something... but it's a bit more labor intensive, multiple layers and a blow dryer.
    Oh, and the boxes!!! My husband started a "castle" for our daughter over when she was 2 (almost 3 years ago now). He still has plans for expanding it, turrets and whatnot... but she plays in it all the time even though she doesn't quite fit as well anymore. I dont' know how we're going to negotiate it's release back into the recycle bin...
    I'm happy to have found your blog through the gratitude posts. I look forward to reading your "without filter" posts. I can't find your RSS feed though, do you have one?