Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Fun Facts

Lil' Schmoo (age 8 months)
… celebrated Memorial Day weekend by cutting his first tooth,
… is officially crawling,
… thinks paper is much more interesting than pretty much any toy that is put in front of him.

SchmoopyBoy (age 4 years)
… comes up with the most random sayings (I think people who say they want to take mind-altering chemicals to improve their creativity need to hang out with more 4-year olds. I do need to quote him more often.),
… makes me laugh and makes his brother laugh,
… likes to play with dinosaurs and trains, frequently together.

Both children
… fight bedtime like the dickens (absolutely maddening),
… like pears, which is funny to me only because I have never liked them myself,
… are affectionate and cuddly. I overflow with abundance of hugs and kisses for them.

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