Tuesday, September 11, 2012


It is Earmaggedon over at Chez Schmoopy at the moment. Poor Lil' Schmoo has the ear infection to end all ear infections and he is one miserable little schmoo. Complete with fever of 103, three hours of nonstop inconsolable crying with refusal to nurse yesterday, and virtually no daytime naps for the past 3 days. Night time is not even worth describing. Oh, and did I mention he also has two teeth cutting through at the moment?

The one saving grace is that no one else in the house is sick, although I'm sure the moment I hit "Publish" SchmoopyBoy and the husband will both come down with the flu.

How am I? Haven't slept in 3 days. Haven't showered in 5 days. Barely ate today. But, I'm still standing (well, ok, at the moment I'm actually sitting). Feeling a bit sucked dry, but I just keep repeating to myself "This too shall end."  

Going to bed now, since it's about time for the little guy to wake up again. Plus I have a big meeting tomorrow for which I need to appear presentable and functional (ha ha). Wish me luck!

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