Friday, November 13, 2009

5 Things I love about you

Dear Schmoopy,

Today I felt like telling you 5 things I love about you. Not because it's your birthday or any special kind of day, just because I felt like it.

1. I love it when you take my hand, pull it to your face, and rest your face in my hand; and I love the “Mmmm” sound you make when you do it.

2. I love the thick purple smoothie mustache you get when you drink a breakfast smoothie; and I love that you like my breakfast smoothies.

3. I love the way you bounce and jiggle when you run; and I love the "wabba wabba wabba" sound you make while running.

4. I love your intensity of feeling – when you get upset, boy do you get upset, but when something pleases you, everything is amazing and wonderful and fantastic and the whole world lights up with your happiness.

5. I love that some of the most simple things please you – that the dog walking into the room or spotting a favorite toy on the floor induces a torrent of smiles, squeals, and giggles.

And one bonus because I just can’t limit all the things I love about you to 5…

6. I love your excitement for belly buttons. I smile every time you stand in front of the mirror, pull your shirt up, and point out your own belly button. I laugh out loud every time you pull my shirt up, stick your finger in my belly button, and then blow raspberries on it.

I'm sure by next week I'll discover at least 10 new things I love about you. I'll try not to embarrass you too much by posting all the things I love about you too often.


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