Monday, November 15, 2010

What's been going on this past week?

For starters, I've been sick. Laid up on my back for a couple of days. It was amazingly awesome to take 4-hour naps two days in a row late last week. No worries about getting “too much sleep” here - now that I am better my usual insomnia over the past 2 nights has rendered me as sleep deprived and semi-functional as ever. Oh, the joy of insomnia.

What else is going on? Let’s see. About a month ago I had enough blood drawn to feed a small family of vampires to see if any reason could be determined for the miscarriages I’ve experienced this year. As my doctor suspected, everything came back normal. Which leaves modern western medicine to say, “There doesn’t appear to be anything we can do to help you. Better luck next time.”

Which leaves me to say, “To heck with modern western medicine, what else can I investigate?”

So now I am currently undergoing a series of rolfing sessions on my internal organs to make sure that everything is structurally aligned properly. Apparently, structural tilts and improper alignments of the uterus and nearby organs can impact whether or not a uterus can carry a baby to term, or so it is hypothesized in rolfing circles. During the past two sessions, I discovered:

1) I have a large liver. It was stuck to my large intestine, but is now free and “happy” to move around at will.
2) My entire reproductive system was pulling towards the left hand side of my body, but is now straightened out.

Do I sound like some kind of hippy, alternative medicine nut? I ask because I kind of feel like one while writing this.

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  1. Hey Shana!

    You don't sound like any more of a hippy, alternative medicine nut that you have in the past! And that is one of the things I have always loved about you. ;-)