Thursday, March 31, 2011

Positive Thoughts for the last day of March of Kindness

I’ve been getting a number of Daily Kabbalah Tune-Ups that I’ve liked very much over the past week or two. So, I thought I would share five of my personal favorites. They seem particularly appropriate to include at the end of the March of Kindness.

Good for everyone – kiddos, partners, friends and family members, even yourself:
You have the power to limit people. When you think someone can't change, they won't. Be aware of your power today. Be conscious of your influence. Create an opening for someone simply by imaging it is possible for them to grow.

For yourself, here are two:
Take time every day to be still, to empty your mind, and to just be. Put away your thoughts. It’s a powerful way to develop more appreciation for your life. Go on strike from mental work today, if even just for five minutes.

Doubt is a drug dealer, standing on the corners of our mind, waiting to enslave you. Most of us are loyal customers with serious habits.
Get sober today. Chase your negative thoughts away with affirmative ones. I can…I trust…I am…. Old habits die hard, so keep repeating, or writing them.

For others, particularly in the realm of “dealing with difficult people,” here are two more:
What do you do with a difficult child? Give them more love. It’s the same with adults. Acting out is a cry for help and acceptance.
Today, assume challenging people are really asking for more care. Sacrifice your pride and give it to them.

A person who can open their heart to an enemy can save the world.
Is there someone in your life that you really can’t stand today? Please put all your effort into finding a way to treat them with human dignity. Lives are at stake.

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