Friday, March 11, 2011

A not-so-delightful happening

The 3 of us spent 2 hours at the ER yesterday evening.

During the preparation of dinner, SchmoopyBoy got a bit of boiling water splattered on his jeans, which of course immediately soaked through and burned his skin. We got the jeans off and immediately applied an ice pack. SchmoopyBoy didn't care for the ice pack almost as much as he didn't care for the burn, so we took him upstairs and put him in the tub and I got some cold running water on it. Meanwhile Hubby called the pediatrician's office, who advised that we take him to the ER if blisters started to form. They formed. When we got SchmoopyBoy out of the tub he calmed down considerably and asked to go downstairs to watch television. We told him we were going to see the doctor and he was quite excited and ready to go. Screaming hysterically to happy and playful in under 2 minutes. Hmmm.

By the time we got to the hospital, you couldn't even tell that the child had been injured. He was bright eyed and curious about everything and everyone he saw. They got us checked into a room and saw that he seemed perfectly fine. So then we waited. And waited. And waited. SchmopoyBoy got restless and started running around the room and climbing on chairs. At one point he tripped over his own feet and fell flat on his face.

He started screaming, and when I picked him up I saw that he was already developing a huge lump smack in the middle of his forehead. We asked the nurse for an ice pack. At this point we were both getting pretty irritated and Hubby said to the nurse "Can we please get a doctor in here before he hurts himself again?!"

Within a couple of minutes the doctor came in and dressed the burn. He explained what we were to do and said he would be back with our discharge papers. Then we waited. And waited. My father in law had come by the hospital, so I took SchmoopyBoy home while Hubby and his dad waited for the papers and checked out.

SchmoopyBoy is fine. Quite a little trooper, he is. Or just a very high tolerance for pain. He hasn't complained about pain even once since we took him out of the shower before we went to the hospital. Plus he gets to wear a huge bandaid on his leg, and we all know how much this kid loves him some bandaid.

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  1. Aww.....poor baby. Glad to hear that he is doing okay!