Thursday, March 17, 2011

Recent Bento Lunches

It's been a while since I've posted anything food related, so here are a couple of recent bento lunches I prepared for SchmoopyBoy.

In this bento, one container has alphabet wheat pasta with a little oil, and the other contains coconut milk yogurt. SchmoopyBoy will not allow dairy yogurt within 3 feet of him. He will eat soy yogurt and coconut milk yogurt though. Go figure. I don't like to give him too much soy, and his preferred milk is soy milk, so I tend to get him the coconut milk yogurt more often. He's also got carrots and cucumber, as well as red and black grapes (although in this picture they all pretty much look the same color.

In this bento the main entree is cheese quesadilla. I typically save things that require cooking like quesadillas for Thursdays because that is my work from home day so I typically have a little more time. He's also got some sliced apple and a mandarin orange, as well as sliced carrots and cucumber.

Yes, I totally fail the cute and creative bento test. I've got a few more that attempt cuteness and themes but they are on the husband's camera and I haven't got him to load those pictures yet. Hopefully I'll be able to redeem myself soon.


  1. Those look great to me. My kids would go for that presentation. We haven't tried the coconut milk yogurt yet. Do you make it or buy it?

  2. I am not that skillful in the kitchen so I buy the yogurt. ;) The brand is called So Delicious. It is not cheap, but for a 2 year old one carton lasts 2-3 servings.