Friday, June 25, 2010

Early Intervention

Earlier this week SchmoopyBaby had his evaluation with Nevada Early Intervention. He had been referred by his pediatrician back in March because he wasn't talking yet. Since then he has gone through a bit of a verbal spurt of sorts - something like 3 new words a day over the past week alone. Nonetheless we wanted to follow through to see if he qualified for services. In order to qualify for NEI services, the child needs to be 50% delayed in one area or 25% delayed in two or more areas.

He was rated at having a 25% delay in language. No surprise there. In all other areas he is on track. No surprise there either.

So here's the good news - with only a 25% delay in language, he does not qualify for services.

So here's the bad news - my son has a 25% delay in language and does not qualify for services.

Why that's not really so bad - the specialists we spoke with told us that frequently young children focus on one major developmental area, and once they master that area, then they move on the next area. SchmoopyBoy has really been focusing on motor skills, and is actually quite advanced in that area. Now that he has mastered his motor skills, he seems to be transitioning on to language skills - as evidenced by the current word explosion. They gave us a few tips, and we will be receiving a full report with suggestions and next steps sometime soon.

In summary, I am completely confident that he will catch up in language skills soon enough. (And probably too soon, I'll long for the days that he didn't talk so much! ;)

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