Monday, June 28, 2010

More Bentos

Here are a couple pictures of bento lunches I made for SchmoopyBoy recently.

The first is a really cute 2 tier stacked bento box. The smaller bottom tier has mixed fruit and veggies. The larger top tier has penne noodles and a couple of pieces of 'smart bacon'.

This one is a fairly plain bento box, thus no picture of the lid. It is half filled with macaroni, with two muffin tins - one with sliced apple and one with sliced veggies in the shape of a flower.

I'd like to report that SchmoopyBoy was so taken with the appearance of his meals that he ate everything. Unfortunately, he's been in the habit of not eating much at daycare yet. He typically eats all the fruit and drinks some milk, but barely nibbles on the rest. Oh well. My job is to provide a healthy lunch for him. It is his choice to eat or not eat. I think as he gets more comfortable with the routine he will eat more.

1 comment:

  1. Good attitude to have on his eating. I've just started making bentos for my own lunch. I come home to eat, but on limited time. I like to share my bento with my 1yo daughter (good thing, too, because she wants whatever I eat!).

    Are you still making bento meals for him? Do you ever "cute them up" for him? Is he eating any better since then? (Sorry if you already posted an update, I clicked on the bento label.)