Monday, June 21, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up

SchmoopyBoy and I had a lovely weekend. For Fathers’ Day, John wanted a day off. Unfortunately, due to bad planning on my part, I had to work this weekend. So, John got two most-of-the-days off.

I don’t get a lot of fun time with SchmoopyBoy, so this was fine with me. Usually my evenings after work with SchmoopyBoy are so hectic. Between preparing dinner and getting ready for bed and trying to squeeze in chores where I can, I tend to be a bit more frazzled than I would like, and I don’t always feel like my quality time with my child has as good of quality as I would like.

So, despite the fact that both Saturday and Sunday started too early for me (seriously kid, 5:15 am is not sleeping in on the weekend) I got loads of fun time in. We spent virtually all morning Saturday outdoors, which considering the state of our crowded apartment, is always a great way to spend a morning. After walking the dog, we went back outside to play with rocks and twigs and leaves (hours of entertainment, don’t bother with all those high tech gadgets and gizmos – just find him some rocks). Then inside for a snack and back outside for “Bubbles!

There’s a new farmers market in town close by the apartment. It only happens once a month and lucky for me it was scheduled for this Saturday, so off we went to the farmers market. On one hand, I have to say it was somewhat disappointing – there was only one farm with a stand for fruits and vegetables. All the other stands were either jewelry or snowcones or something like that. On the other hand, the farm that was there had a great variety of produce. We scores apricots, blueberries, Japanese eggplant, bellpeppers, tomato and onion. And the biggest score of all was that they were giving away Armenian cucumbers for free to all their customers! Check out this gargantuan cucumber they gave me! It’s bigger than my arm!

The other great thing is that this farmers market is held at Floyd Lamb State Park, so there’s the benefit of being at Floyd Lamb State Park. SchmoopyBoy got to see (and chase) peacocks! There were several mama peacocks with their babies – how cool is that? There is one white peacock that SchmoopyBoy found particularly intriguing until it started calling out (which sounds a lot like a siren screaming) and he got startled and ran away and hid behind my legs all like “What the heck was that?!” Here are a couple of pictures at the park with the peacocks.

On Sunday we had more outside playtime with rocks and leaves and “Bubbles!” in the morning. Then for a bit of change in pace in the afternoon I took SchmoopyBoy to the apartment pool. We start swimming lessons at the YMCA next Saturday, and I was curious to see how he would like the water, as he hasn’t been in a pool since last summer. He loved it! We stayed in until he was shivering, and then he still didn’t want to leave.

Besides giving John some time to himself, he also got some Fathers’ day treats – some vegan chocolates and a chocolate cookie, a cute poem with a picture of SchmoopyBoy and his little footprints that he made at daycare, and a tree (which I thought was such an appropriate gift for John ;) For dinner we had yummy Thai take-out I picked up on the way home from work.

All in all a nice weekend.

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