Saturday, June 19, 2010

You Must Read This

TRIGGER WARNING on the link below

I know I share what I think are fun or interesting links from time to time. But every once in a while I read something that so thoroughly rocks my world, I must share with a little more urgency, because it is just so important. Yesterday I came across such an article.

This should be required reading for everyone - man and woman.

And thou shalt teach it to your children and your children's children. It's that important.

Melissa at Shakesville did a stellar job of defining and describing, in all it's all-too-familiar ugliness, what is rape culture.

Filled with links and references, it may take you some time to read through the whole thing. It may be quite eye-opening to see and acknowledge how pervasive the problem is.

So go to this link, send everyone you know to the link, and teach it to your children in hopes that we can find ways to resist, oppose, and dismantle rape culture one day soon.

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