Saturday, June 5, 2010

My boy is growing up

How so?

1. We have officially dropped the before bed nursing session. It went remarkably easier than I thought it would. I talked to him about it for several days. Each evening while he nursed I told him that in X number of days the boobies are going to sleep early. He wouldn't be able to get milk from them, but he could have strawberry milk (Pediasure) with a straw or a bottle of soymilk if he wanted instead. The first day he complained a little, but I reminded him that there would be no milk from the boobies at bedtime anymore and he was fine. By the third night (which was last night), he didn't even ask.

I haven't dropped the wake up session yet. For one, my body is still regulating itself with the dropped session, and by morning, since it's been 24 hours, I still feel full enough to want him to nurse and give me some relief. Second, I expect this one to be more difficult to drop, so I don't want to push too hard too fast. Maybe in another week or so I'll start talking to him about dropping the morning session.

2. SchmoopyBoy starts school next week! Well, ok, at the age of two it's still considered daycare, but this will be his preschool too when he is old enough. I'm really excited about it. It's a really nurturing place that uses gentle discipline (no time outs, teaches the children to solve their own problems with words, etc), one of the few nationally accredited daycares/preschools in the area, and most importantly SchmoopyBoy loves it. Every other place we've gone to, he has kind of held back and clung to me and/or John - but every time we have taken him to this place he has immediately taken off and was like "Mom? Mom-who? Dad? What dad?" which I think is GREAT! For anyone in the area who reads this and is considering a daycare or preschool for your schmoo, I totally recommend checking out the campus child care at the local community college.

During the summer he's only going twice a week, as he still has some other weekly activities and play dates that we don't want to cut off quite yet. But starting in fall he'll go 5 half-days a week.

Good luck to SchmoopyBoy on his new adventure!

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